5 Reasons to Use an Underwater Sea Scooter

“Watching” younger ones in deeper water

It is not really a problem to snorkel with small children or people who are uncomfortable in the water if you are in a water depth of three meters. In deeper waters, however, problems can arise if someone panics, gets a cramp, or is unable to walk on their own. A Mankeel W7 can pull you all to safety by pulling you and a panicked child to a better location or to shore. Children can ride a Mankeel W7 sea scooter really well.

Unable to Snorkel

We stand by our belief that everyone should be able to snorkel. This includes those who are unable to swim due to disabilities or physical limitations. Of course, these people should always be watched closely, but with decent snorkeling gear, a snorkel vest (or life support life jacket) and a scooter, even people who previously thought snorkeling was impossible can glide face down through the water and see great snorkeling stuff. I found this article quite interesting.

Long distance snorkeling from shore or boat

As we’ve mentioned in some of our sea scooter reviews, they’re ideal for long swims, such as getting to a prime snorkeling spot from shore, or from a boat where you can use them to get to shore and lounge on the beach or get to spots away from the boat with ease.


Yes, that is true. And it’s okay. You save energy with a snorkel scooter, and you can look really cool gliding past people on a W7 underwater sea scooter. You might not need it all the time, but it’s great to be the one with it.


When I snorkel, sometimes I want to dive down and look at something…. as long as I can hold my breath. But if there’s no rock to hold on to, it’s difficult because I tend to resurface even though I’m letting the air out of my lungs to have less buoyancy. In this video, you can see me trying to film this snowflake moray. It was difficult to stabilize myself and stay underwater. An underwater scooter can be used to descend, and then the motor can be used in a “bump” method (short jerks of the motor, similar to balancing the clutch and throttle on a hill when driving a manual transmission car) to keep you in the general area you want to stay in.

These are the main reasons we can think of where you might want or need to use a snorkel scooter. We understand that not everyone needs, wants, or can afford a snorkel scooter. However, in those cases where it is a necessity and the ability to own, then you can’t go wrong and they can be dreams come true for those who would never have been able to snorkel for the first time or ever again.

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