Analysis of the current situation and development prospects of the global electric scooter industry in the future

In recent years , the market size of electric scooter, through the analysis of the consumption scale and year-on-year growth rate of the electric scooter industry in the global market in the past five consecutive years , judge the market potential and growth of the electric scooter industry , which is conducive to changing the way people travel . Among them , in European and American countries , electric scooter , electric balance vehicle and other leisure and entertainment products as intelligent short-distance transportation , in line with the concept of energy saving and emission reduction , technological innovation , is a green travel , energy saving and environmental protection fashion tools . In modern society , traffic congestion is increasing . Electric scooter and electric balance vehicle , as short-distance transportation tools , can perfectly solve the problem of ” the last kilometer ” , and occupy small space , low energy consumption , to a certain extent , save to travel time cost and effectively relieve traffic pressure . The concept of energy saving , environmental protection , and green and convenient travel is deeply rooted in people’s hearts , which also helps to drive the market demand of electric scooters and electric balance vehicle .

The product classification of electric scooters is analyzed from the structure of scooters . Electric scooters are divided into children’s scooters , adult scooters , two-wheel scooters , three-wheel scooters and four-wheel scooters . Finally , the electric skateboard is a vehicle based on the traditional human skateboard , plus the power kit . At present , electric skateboards are generally divided into double wheel drive or single wheel drive . The most common transmission modes are HUB motor and belt drive respectively . The main power source is lithium battery packs . Through research and analysis , the user groups of e-scooter products are divided , the consumption scales and proportion of different user groups for e-scooter products are given , and the purchasing power , price sensitivity , brand preference , procurement channels and procurement frequency of various user groups to purchase e-scooter products are also deeply investigated . Analysis of all kinds of electric scooter product of the attention to a user community factors and unmet needs , and for the next few years all kinds of user groups for electric scooter product consumption scale and growth trend to help the electric scooter manufacturers to grasp the various user groups demand present situation and the demand for electric scooter product trend . The development needs of electric scooters , first of all , the range of electric scooters is generally about 25 kilometers , light and time-saving ; High safety factor and convenient carrying are the advantages of scooters . In the future , electric scooters will become a general trend of travel .

Riding electric scooter has less physical consumption and flexibility which can meet people’s short distance travel needs It not only solves the problem of ” the last kilometer ” for people to travel but also provides people with different way of leisure and entertainment to some extent In addition electric scooters use lithium batteries as power which is in line with the green environmental protection and low-carbon policy direction of all countries in the world In the future the global market capacity of electric scooters is expected to further to improve .

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