Benefits of step-through electric bikes

You have been riding your ‘normal’ bike for as long as you can remember and you wonder why everyone is so wildly enthusiastic about those step-through electric bikes. In this blog we list the advantages of a step-through electric bike compared to a normal bike, so that you are just as enthusiastic.

Why choose Step-Through electric bikes?

A step-through electric bike is ideal for recreational use, commuting and going to school. The electrical assistance of an e-bike stops at around 25 km/h and there is no helmet and insurance obligation.

The benefits of a step-through electric bike are endless. Just think of the ease and speed with which you can maneuver through traffic. For many people, traffic congestion is a daily annoyance. For example, an average employee spends at least half an hour in the car to overcome speed bumps, traffic lights and traffic jams. To make matters worse, you can’t find a parking space and you still have to walk 10 minutes to your destination.

You could consider using a car, but a step-through electric bike is a nice and also a much nicer alternative in this case. It not only saves you a lot of time, but also fuel costs. This means of transport is also easy to drive, environmentally friendly and above all trendy. Not convinced yet? We have highlighted the most important advantages of a step-through electric bike for you.


With the electric bike, you can reach a maximum speed of 25 km per hour – in other words, the bike stops providing assistance from 25 km per hour. The Speed ??Pedelec offers pedal assistance up to 45 km per hour


How long it lasts depends on the battery. A battery’s lifespan is calculated in charge cycles – how many times it can be fully charged, before gradually decreasing its effectiveness until it stops functioning altogether. In theory, a battery can be charged hundreds of times – but exactly how much depends on the type of battery (and how you handle it). If you take good care of your battery, an e-bike battery becomes less efficient on average after three to five years. Of course, this number continues to rise, with new technological innovations improving the service life every year.

The most common battery model in the electric bike  is the lithium battery, it can be charged more than 1000 times.

Mechanism of Electric Bike?

The rear wheel motor is located in the rear wheel. The biggest advantage is that the riding experience feels most natural, because a regular bike is also driven by the rear wheel. The main disadvantage is that the bike is difficult to move because all the weight is behind it and you cannot replace your rear tire yourself if it is flat.

The mid-mounted motor is located in the crankshaft. This is by far the most used motor for the electric bike: mainly because the cycling experience is the best. The pedal support is adjusted to the force you put on the pedal – when you pedal-less, it gives more support and vice versa. This model is ideal for steep slopes and slow speeds in the range of 10 km/h and below. The main drawback is that this type of motor has a higher price tag than the other two.

The front-wheel motor is located in the front wheel. The biggest advantage is that this model is often the cheapest and makes less noise than the other two types. You can also cycle without pedal assistance.


The E-step has a number of practical advantages, which can be a reason to buy a step-through electric bike! But riding a step-through electric bike is also a lot of fun and cool! I still remember the first time I got on an E-step during a city trip. My face must have looked something like this:

  • Eco-friendly: Electric bikes emit no harmful emissions, making them one of the most eco-friendly transportation options available today.
  • Cost-effective: Riding an e-bike requires no special license, registration, tax, or insurance. This means that the operating costs are a lot smaller compared to owning a car.
  • Health Benefits: It’s a widespread myth that electric bikes do all the work for you. You can choose to ride more comfortably or to go faster, but a cardio workout is still completely possible because you determine how much pedal support the bike offers.
  • Time-Saving: Riding an electric bike means you can cover longer distances on the bike than you ever dreamed. Do you want to drive more than 150 kilometers a day to work or to a family member? No problem!
  • Motivating: The e-bike ensures that many people take the bike every day, who have not cycled for years before. This can be, for example, older people or people with injuries.

Do you want to buy an E-step but are you still unsure? Then I would be happy to help you make a choice for step-through electric bikes but only link Click here!

  • No more traffic jams and environmental gain: There are many cities that struggle with a mobility problem. There are too many cars on the road and the air quality is not good during rush hour. You can get from point A to B faster in the city with an E-step than by car. So you no longer have to stand in traffic jams or drive from traffic light to traffic light.
  • Freedom of an E-Bike: A step-through electric bike takes you quickly from point A to point B, without having to pick up your car from the parking garage or wait for the bus or taxi. Most bikes are lightweight and foldable. So you walk out of your home or office, open the bike and leave.

In summary, the advantages are:

    • Fun and cool;
    • Easy to use;
    • Fast;
    • Long range;
    • No wasted time in traffic;
    • Sustainable;
    • No noise;
    • Low maintenance;
    • Fuel saving (money saving);

Step-through electric bikes are faster than bike, cheaper than cars and require much less effort to drive!

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