How Much Do Electric Scooters Cost?

Electric scooter prices vary, and there’s a lot of choice in an ever-growing market. How much an electric scooter cost depends on what you’re looking for in terms of performance, quality, battery life, and other specifications.

You can buy an electric scooter for as little as $100 (these are mostly for kids), but typically the starting price for an average commuter scooter ranges from $300 to $800.

Premium electric scooters offer performance that is hard to believe and can cost from $2000 to $5,000 and up.

Low-end Electric Scooters

In the lower price segment, or let’s call it budget, there are electric scooters for under $300. These are usually children’s scooters with low-capacity batteries, low-power motors and poor brakes. But for children, they are a popular and fun toy.

There are exceptions, however, and some really good inner-city commuter vehicles can be found around the $250 mark. At the time of writing, there aren’t many, but they do exist.

Above the $300 mark and up to $500 they are still considered good value, but the market is opening up in terms of performance and choice. Here we have proper commuter scooters. There are many different models to choose from, offering more features and different configurations. The top speed is higher, as is the quality of the batteries. Some have suspension, dual braking systems, regenerative brakes and so on. Very good for short distances.

Lightness and portability are the main focus of these e-scooters. However, they are not particularly strong uphill and you should not expect them to last forever. Longevity increases with price.

That’s what many first-time users will get. The problem solver for inner-city commuting or the last mile that you can easily fold, carry and stow away.

Intermediate Electric Scooters

At the next level, you will find premium models that offer, among other things, a better driving experience. If you spend between $500 and $2,000, you get exactly what you are looking for.

That is more of everything. You usually get more speed, engine power, dual motors, better braking systems, can drive over rough terrain, have higher overall quality, pneumatic tires and the list goes on. But this also means they are heavier, and even if they are foldable, you won’t be able to carry them over long distances.

Top speeds of over 40+mph (64 kph)  are not uncommon.

This is something for those who are comfortable on e-scooters and regularly need to cover longer distances at higher speeds.

High-end Electric Scooters

In the price range of 2000 to 5000 dollars, you will find high-quality scooters with good performance. This is the heavy league, and they look the part. It is not the daily commuter in the city, but rather an alternative to the motorbike. Big, heavy, twin engines, hydraulic braking systems, big batteries, very long range, up to 40-50 miles (65-95 km), top speeds of 40+mph (65+kph), dual suspension, bigger tires.

Sure, some may think that the average price for an electric scooter should be around or below the $1000 mark and that the price for these scooters is too high. But remember that you can buy a cheap road bike or MTB for $1000, but you can’t compare it to a professional bike used by the pros on tour. Such a bike costs over 10 000 dollars. And there is a big difference in quality and technology.

For a proper MTB you have to be prepared to spend $2,000, and even then you are on the first rung of the ladder.

These high-end e-scooters are not for those looking for cheap scooters. The typical user is probably familiar with dirt bikes and outdoor sporting activities and knows that rough riding requires proper equipment. They will want a high-performance scooter.

What Determines the Difference in Price?

The difference in price depends on what and how many components an e-scooter has. For example, hydraulic brakes or mechanical brakes, double or single braking systems, what kind of battery and capacity, single or double motor, and so on.

Using metal and sturdy quality materials for the frame is more expensive and durable than plastic parts. Whether it has lighting and other specifications also play a role.

Building a super light portable e-scooter at the lowest cost will give you a cheap option. Building a super light portable e-scooter that is also extremely durable is possible, but will never be able to compete with the cheapest in terms of price.

Besides, buying a scooter that is not at the lowest end of the price scale also means that the resale value will be higher when you want to sell it.

Buying a Second-hand Electric Scooter

Buying a used e-scooter can be a good idea. Especially if you are looking for a premium e-scooter. Buying a used e-scooter for a small purse is probably riskier.

The battery is the most important part of the electric scooter. How many life cycles does it have left? If you buy it second-hand, it may have reached the end of its life and need to be replaced. This is quite expensive.

If the owner has had the same battery for 2-3 years, be careful if it has been ridden frequently.

The rest of the e-scooter has a story to tell. Look at the overall condition. Some people claim they have only used it a few times, but it looks like it has been through the Paris-Dakar rally.

Look at the general wear and tear, check the underbody, the brakes and whether the suspension still works properly. Does it reach its top speed? Can it go up a hill without running out of breath? If not, the battery is tired, no matter what the owner says.

An e-scooter is not like a car. How many people will take care of it, clean it properly and look after it like they would their car? Heck, many people even ignore their cars it seems.

It’s a vehicle I can get into and drive from A to B, and as such it’s probably treated from that point of view alone most of the time.

Buying a new one will always be a safe bet, but you could find a good premium second-hand e-scooter and if you do your due diligence, it could be worth it.


You get what you pay for. There is no reason why this should not also apply to an electric scooter, just as it does to other technical products. However, there are quite a few really good electric scooters at very low prices. When you consider what this vehicle can do. Some cheaper models are excellent for getting you from A to B effortlessly.

Price, that is, how much a product costs or how much someone thinks it should cost, is probably as varied as the people in the world. But there are factors to consider. Research and development, manufacturing, components, labor, transport – the list go on. All these factors contribute to the price of a product, and in the end, we as consumers have to decide for ourselves what we want to pay.

Electric scooters have a wide range, so there are a variety of options.

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