How to Lock an Electic Scooter

Using green energy, the foldable electric scooter is convenient and simple to drive and is now a very fashionable entertainment transportation tool. But How to lock the electric scooter is confusing for many drivers. Here’s our simple guide on how to lock your electric scooter

Park your scooter in a safe secure locking points.

The best lock you can get for your scooter is the one that fits.

To determine the right size lock, you need to look at your scooter and identify secure locking points. Secure locking points are made of strong material or attachments that cannot be easily unscrewed or broken.

Bulky scooters may require larger locks that can fit through the scooter and still reach a fixed point (such as a bar or bike rack).

The best places on your scooter to lock are: 1) around the stem, 2) through the folding mechanism, 3) and through the carry handle (but make sure the screws are easy to remove!).

Some places you should not use are: 1) through wheels that can be unscrewed, 2) around the handlebars or 3) through removable or weak points such as mudguards or screwed-on accessories.

Buy a suitable high-security U-lock.

U-locks take their name from their shape and consist of a U-shaped shackle that engages with a straight crossbar.

U-locks differ greatly in terms of security. Some U-locks can be cut in seconds with bolt cutters, others can withstand power tools.

Quality U-locks are made of hardened steel and are heavy – usually about 5 pounds. They have a thick shackle and crossbar and cost about $100.

U-locks come in different sizes. Some have longer shackles to make it easier to secure your scooter to hard-to-reach objects. However, you will want to buy the shortest shackle that will fit your scooter as these are more secure.

Thread the U-lock through a secure locking point on your electric scooter.

Most electric scooters are best locked around the folding mechanism or around the stem.

Some scooters have carrying handles or are equipped with special slots for locking.

The Mankeel Silver Wings has a slot in the front of the pedal that is perfect for locking. These are the most common and secure places to secure your scooter.

Lock the electric scooter to the permanent fixture, such as the bike rack.

Secure your scooter to a permanent fixture or structure that is cemented into the ground or cannot be easily carried.

The fixture should not be such that a thief can lift or dismantle the scooter over it, e.g. by unscrewing a sign from a short post to steal it.

Aluminum or steel posts, bicycle racks, stair railings and tall signs are safest. Do not choose metal fences as they are often thin enough to be cut through.

We need a publicly visible place to lock up the scooter

Lock your scooter in a public place that is well lit and easy to see, e.g. a bike rack next to an entrance.

Especially in shopping centers and busy areas, a thief is unlikely to risk being caught on a surveillance camera while trying to steal your scooter.

Avoid locking your scooter in hard-to-see places, such as a dark alley or between cars in a car park, where a thief could take their time and pick the lock.

Make sure that no matter where you lock your scooter, it is protected from the elements, as lots of water or direct sunlight is not good. In general, don’t store your scooter outside for long periods of time, as it can easily be damaged or stolen.

Finally, be courteous and choose a place that is not frequented by pedestrians and cycle paths. If you use a bicycle stand or other shared space, lock your scooter so that others can also use the stand.

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