Is it worth buying an electric kickboard?

The electric kickboard, also called swimming float or sea scooter, is a swimming device used by children or adults when learning to swim and in therapeutic activities. It helps the user to stay above water, at least in the upper part of the body. The name kickboard comes from the fact that the user has to move in the water mainly with the legs.

While most kickboards are manual, there is a new type of kickboard that is electric. They are easy to operate because they have their own propulsion mechanism. They usually have one or two electric motors that allow them to move through the water like a motorboat.

If you are just learning to swim, an electric kickboard will make it easy for you to move through the water. It also helps when learning to swim or regain movement in one leg as you have to slowly develop strength.

Some of the benefits of electric kickboard

Improve stability and floating in the water

If you are just starting to swim or are recovering from an injury, it can be difficult and exhausting for the swimmer to maintain balance in the water and move at the same time. The electric kickboard helps you to stabilize and float while moving around in the water or performing other activities.

The kickboard also gives you the opportunity to focus on the more difficult parts of the swimming or training program. For example, you can focus on breathing techniques and pulls while the kickboard helps you move in the water.

Improve swimming skills

Your footwork helps you to move around in the water. However, swimming is often best learned when the individual skills are taught one after the other and combined later. One of the skills that are taught early on is kicking. Often you learn to kick by holding your hands straight out or by holding on to a kickboard.

 With an electric kickboard, you float much easier and move much faster. Over time, you learn to slow down the speed of the electric kickboard as you rely more and more on your own body for propulsion. Eventually, you will get rid of your kickboard as you learn to stroke with your hands.

Strengthen your body

Swimming is one of the best exercises because it puts little stress on the part of the body being trained. This makes it much easier to avoid injuries compared to strength training.

With an electric kickboard, you start by slowly increasing the strength in the legs and then increasing it. This is much more controlled and safer, especially for people who have leg injuries. You can always vary the speed on the kickboard to determine how hard you need to pedal to progress.

While most of the movement when using a kickboard is in the lower body, holding the board while paddling with your feet requires keeping your upper body in a stable shape. If you move too much to one side, you need to adjust your body to prevent tipping over. You also have to resist the movement of the kickboard to stay on the water.

Increase swimming safety

Using an electric kickboard is supposed to increase safety by helping the user stay afloat, whether they are moving or not. The problem is that even with a kickboard, you can be in danger if you can’t move for any reason. Maybe you’re injured or just don’t know how to move in the water.

With an electric kickboard, you can simply hold onto it while it takes you where you want to go, even if you can’t pedal or paddle. This is especially important for children and adults recovering from injuries.

Problems with electric kickboard

The power to work

Electrical devices, such as kickboards, are only as good as they are charged. Only when they are powered can they move you
around in the water. Otherwise, you have a normal – and somewhat heavier -kickboard on your hands.

Effect on swimming

Swimming is about the body’s ability to move in the water. If you rely on a propulsion mechanism as the electric kickboard provides, you won’t learn to swim fast enough.

Because the board is propelling you forward and not your own feet, you are carrying a lighter load than you should. Take the board away and you are no longer an effective swimmer.

Electric kickboards and kickboards in general also give a false sense of security in the water. It becomes even more difficult when the board provides propulsion and balance. When the swimmer lets go of it, it is a whole new learning process for him.

Not for all swimmers

Most electric kickboards are designed for users from 6 years old and smaller adults up to a certain weight. This means that you cannot use them if you are heavier than them. There are also electric kickboards for larger users, but most are suitable for children and small adults.

Most electric kickboards are designed for users from 6 years old and smaller adults up to a certain weight. This means that you cannot use them if you are heavier than them. There are also electric kickboards for larger users, but most are suitable for children and small adults.

These aspects don’t dissuade you from getting yourself an electric kickboard since its benefits outweigh its problems.

How to use an electric kickboard

It is very easy to use an electric kickboard as it is very similar to using a normal kickboard. With most kickboards, you keep your upper body on the kickboard and then both hands on it.

For best control, the hands are placed on both sides of the board, preferably at the top front.

Stopping is usually by lifting your thumbs off the ON/OFF buttons.

Safety Measures

To keep the electric kickboard in good condition, follow the maintenance routine below:

Always rinse the electric kickboard after use and dry it for storage.

Check if the connections of the kickboard are damaged. If they are damaged, clean and dry them before reconnecting the battery.

Clean the pool before entering it to avoid damaging the kickboard. Branches, for example, can damage the kickboard’s motors and cause other problems.

Oil the moving parts every few days to weeks to keep them in good condition and reduce wear.

Read the instruction manual for your electric kickboard to get the best care and maintenance routine.

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