Mankeel Silver Wings Electric scooter full review


When I saw the Mankeel Silver Wings for the first time, I was thrilled. I like the design immediately and the workmanship also looked very good. Without further ado, I contacted one of the founders of Mankeel, and asked for a test model. After a discussion, it was then certain that we would receive the Mankeel Silver Wings in order to carry out a detailed test. I honestly have to admit that I am always happy about new products. I especially enjoy unpacking. And Mankeel did a really good job with its urban electric scooter. 

After the Silver Wings electric scooter was fully assembled and set up, I took a closer look at the workmanship. I honestly have to admit that the silver paint looks really classy. 

The technical data of the Mankeel Silver Wings

In the industry of electric scooters, the Silver Wings is a sophisticated product with 14kg, very handy and light, yet powerful in acceleration. It has a range of up to 35km and is fun and relaxed for every trip.

The motor is a really special feature of the Silver Wings which has a rated power of 350 watts and a maximum power of a whopping 500 watts, this means that it accelerates sufficiently fast.

We felt this power in the riding. Rapid acceleration at traffic lights and lots of driving fun electric scooter fans will smile when accelerating this model.

The Mankeel Silver Wings comes with a 7.8Ah lithium-ion battery, the actual range is individual and depends on factors such as the weight of the driver, driving style and weather conditions.

According to the real test, the scooter is almost fully charged again (80%) after only 3 hours. After 4.5 hours, the battery is 100% charged. The test confirmed these values flawlessly -The driving fun would continue soon. The charging port is located in the front of the standing padel.

First-class design and workmanship

As soon as you peel it out of the packaging, you notice how robust the Silver Wings is. Its frame is made of aluminum, the bottom part is even made of one piece, the scooter comes with the side atmosphere light, has breathing and warning effect, they are full of the fashion sense, making rider instantly become the focus of the crowd. Nevertheless, it is still quite light with a net weight of about 14kg.

We tested with the silver electric scooter and I really like the paintwork and the color. There are no paint defects and the overall impression is outstanding. The mudguard, which fits perfectly with the design, is also very good. In addition, I have never seen any other fender that is so stable.

I also find the handlebar design is very nice. In addition to the well-positioned thumb throttle, there is another handle for the front brake on the left side. The disc brake can be operated with a handle and the bell is also easily accessible. The manufacturer has also installed an easy-to-read LCD display. If the information provided thereon speed and battery is not enough, you can call up further information via an app.

For me, the Mankeel is the best choice in its price range in terms of quality and workmanship. Even with intensive use, the device never rattled. Processing errors are non-existent, all weld seams are neatly drawn and the overall appearance is more than consistent. The positive overall picture is rounded off by dust and splash water protection according to IP55 As a result, splashing water and dust are not a challenge for the Silver Wings.

It is worth mentioning the simple folding mechanism, patented, for quick folding and transport, for example, on the bus or train, or even in the car. The front and rear brakes are precisely balanced, so that a safe, fast but still comfortable braking is possible. 

Traveling experience 

The Mankeel Silver Wings rides fantastically. The scooter is equipped with 10-inch pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires ensure that the scooter has optimal shock absorption effect and is comfortable to ride even on bumps. The test showed that pneumatic tires are a good choice for the Silver Wings. Although the scooter has no extra suspension installed, the ride is very pleasant and you are not jolted on uneven pavement.

A small disadvantage of pneumatic tires: Unlike solid tires, this type of tire is potentially more prone to punctures. However, if you attach great importance to high riding comfort, you should generally choose an electric scooter with pneumatic tires.

The app at a glance

I would like to say a few words about the official Mankeel app.These are available for both Android and iOS and can be easily downloaded from the corresponding app store.

After connecting to the electric scooter, all driving data, such as the current speed and charge level, can be viewed in detail in the app. The possibility of locking the electric scooter with a password and thus ensuring that strangers do not have access is particularly good. 

Convincing safety

The brakes on the Mankeel Silver Wings are good. In our case, the rear mechanical disc brake had to be easily readjusted using an Allen key and has been gripping and reliable ever since. The rear disc brake, which is controlled very finely by the brake lever on the handlebar, is really good. We rarely experience such gentle braking with an engine brake. In the full braking test at full speed on dry asphalt, the Silver Wins needs just under 1.2 meters. Accordingly, the manufacturer has also installed a good disc brake on the rear wheel. This not only looks good but also convinces testers with good braking performance.

Mankeel lives with the service concept

Now we come to a point that really excites me. The Mankeel’s service concept.

Mankeel offers a one-year warranty for its vehicle frame and main pole.

Other components – that is, battery, motor ,controller and instruments–have a warranty of 180 days.

The other main components (headlights/taillights, brake lights, instrument housing, fenders, mechanical brakes, electronic brakes, electronic accelerators, bells, and tires.) have a warranty of 90 days.

All in all, it’s a fairly generous warranty, you can submit a warranty claim to Mankeel via email and will need to include photos or videos of the affected parts of your scooter.

Mankeel also boasts a range of online customer support resources, which you can view via its from support page, you’ll also be able to view FAQs, track your orders, and view more info about the company’s shipping, refund, and warranty policies.

For anything not covered by those self-service resources, you can get in touch with the Mankeel team for prompt, professional assistance.

Conclusion on this premium product

I didn’t expect the electric scooter model from the fairly young company to blow me away like this. In terms of workmanship and drive, I don’t know of any models off the top of my head that perform better. In addition, the Mankeel Silver Wings offers a very good driving experience.

From our point of view, the Mankeel team has found a perfect market for the model and followed the path there with aplomb. For me, the Silver Wings is the perfect model for urban use. Other models like the Segway Ninebot Max G30D offer a higher range, but can’t come close to keeping up in terms of workmanship, weight and driving pleasure.

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