MK083 Folding Electric Scooter Review

The Mankeel MK083 electric scooter is equipped a battery with a range of 15 miles. Not many scooters in this price range offer such a capacity. There are other electric scooters with the same specification but with smaller batteries. It only takes three seconds to fold this scooter and take it anywhere you want. Traveling on outdoor adventures can be fun because of these features. The design of this electronic scooter is safe to ride, and there are safety brakes. Plus, you can stow it under desks and in office spaces. The reason for this is its compact size when it folds.

Mankeel MK083 Electric Scooter Fold in Three Seconds

The secure folding design of this electric scooter allows you to flip the folding lever. It locks into a latch on the rear wheel. This way it folds securely and becomes compact. The weight of the Mankeel MK083 electric scooter is only 27.9 lbs. There are durable materials that are non-corrosive and conduct the thermal activity. Therefore, the scooter can last longer and does not need maintenance. The hook is made of an aluminum alloy element that is strong and lightweight. When you release the throttle or press the brake when you ride it, the battery will gain kinetic charge.

Worry-free Riding and Easy to Carry

The disc of the disc brake is 120 mm, the front wheel is the anti-lock brake system E-ABS, and the rear wheel is a ventilated disc brake system that can achieve efficient braking and quick response, safe and worry-free riding. The design of the foldable electric scooter allows you to lower the folding lever. It is caught on the lock on the rear wheel. This folds up safely and compactly. The weight of the Mankeel MK083 electric scooter is only 27.9 lbs.


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MK083 Electric Scooter Waterproof Test

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