Precautions for the use of electric scooter tires in winter

Tire is one of the important parts of electric scooters, and its maintenance is very important, especially now that it needs to pay attention to many things in winter. Below we have summarized some winter electric scooters tire maintenance and precautions for you.

1. Pay attention to the tire pressure at all times

If you are using a pneumatic tire electric scooter such as the Mankeel Silver Wings, you need to pay attention to holding the correct tire pressure when riding it. Normally, the pressure standards of the front and rear wheels are not the same. It will be affected by the temperature accordingly, the air pressure of all tires should be checked at least once a month. It is best to check once every half a month in the winter and summer when the temperature changes greatly. Affected by thermal expansion and contraction, the tire pressure can be increased appropriately in winter (but it must also be within the specified range).

2. Try to avoid high-speed driving

When driving at high speed, the chance of encountering foreign objects on the road will be greater than when driving at low speed even the tire pressure is appropriate, The chance of a puncture or damage to the tire is also greater. The tire may hit pits and other objects, that causing serious extrusion and deformation between the impact object and the flange of the rim, which can cause the cord fabric to break, and the air inside the tire will push up from the break to form a bulge, which is very dangerous . Moreover, at high speeds, the temperature and pressure in the tires increase non linearly, and the probability of a tire blowout will greatly increase. Therefore, do not exceed the reasonable speed required by driving conditions and legal restrictions, such as maintaining a reasonable speed when turning. When there are obstacles such as potholes ahead, you should slow down and go around as much as possible.

3. Driving habits are also very important.

Because tire wear is directly related to how to drive. Excessive starting, sudden turning, emergency braking, high-speed driving in bad road conditions, frequent up and down roadsides and tires scraping obstacles when parking, etc., will cause serious tire wear and reduce the service life of tires. you should pay attention to avoid frequent emergency braking, in addition to increasing the loss of the battery, the sudden braking will also increase the pressure and wear of the tires. Therefore, good driving habits may be the most direct and effective way to maintain the tires in winter.

4. Pay attention to corrosive objects that damage the tires and promptly remove foreign objects from the tires

You should pay more attention to the road surface when driving. If corrosive things such as oil, acid or hydrocarbon, you should try to avoid it. or clean the tires after arriving over those objects. In order to reduce the erosion of the tire and extend the service life of the tire. There will inevitably be foreign matter such as gravel, nails, iron filings, glass shards and so on in the tread pattern. These foreign objects must be removed in time. If they are not removed in time, some of them will fall off on their own after a long time, but a considerable part of them will become more and more “stubborn”, that stuck in the pattern deeper and deeper, and when the tire wears down. After a certain degree, the carcass will become thinner, and these foreign objects may pierce the carcass, causing the tire to leak or even puncture.

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