Electric Scooter Lock


An electric scooter lock is a security device used to deter scooter theft, generally by fastening the scooter to a fixed object, e.g., a scooter rack. Quick-release levers, as used on some electric scooter wheels and seat post fasteners, are a security vulnerability, because they allow the wheels and saddle to be easily removed.

This key lock is made of durable twisted steel cable covered by a weather-resistant protective vinyl. While the self-coiling cable and bonus quick-release carrying brackets allow you to take the lock with you on the ride and store it with ease. With rubberized housing, your scooter will be as safe from scratches and from thieves.

For even more security, the lock has a 5-digit number code that offers more than 10,000 possible number combinations and makes the lock so much more secure than a 4-digit number code. The strong inner cable is stable and ensures that the numeric code must be used to open the lock. The lock is not only very secure but is also provided with a PVC coating so that your electric scooter does not get scratched. In addition, the lock is made of environmentally friendly materials, the lock housing, for example, is made of a zinc alloy that has been given an anti-rust treatment. Thanks to its lightweight (340 grams), the lock can be taken anywhere and is easy to use.

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