Mankeel Electric Scooter Inner Tubes


Mankeel Adult Electric Scooter Inner Tubes Available in Two Sizes: 8.5″ and 10″. To ensure you receive the correct size, please check the sizing information printed on the side of your tire before placing an order.

Different Tire Options for Mankeel Electric Scooters

When purchasing a Mankeel electric scooter, you can choose between three types of tires: standard tires with inner tubes, tubeless tires, and solid rubber tires. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so we suggest that you choose the one that best fits your needs and preferences.

Tubed Tires
Tubed tires are the most common type found on electric scooters and bicycles. They rely on an inner tube that inflates the tire with air. One disadvantage of this type of tire is that it requires more effort to fix flats. If the inner tube gets punctured, you’ll need to remove the wheel and tire to replace or patch the tube. However, if the puncture is not too big, you can just replace the inner tube instead of the entire tire. Additionally, you can inflate the inner tube using a standard bicycle pump.

Tubeless Tires
Tubeless tires offer the same shock absorption as tubed tires, but they are easier to maintain, assuming you have the correct tools. If the tubeless tire develops a puncture, you can usually repair it without removing the wheel or tire. You can use tire sealants such as tire slime to stop the leak. However, you’ll need to remove the valve, which will deflate the tire and unseat it from the rim. To reinflate the tire, you will need a high-pressure air compressor that can inflate it to at least 120 PSI.

Solid Rubber Tires
Solid rubber tires are puncture-proof and require no maintenance. However, they don’t provide the same shock absorption as pneumatic tires, making the ride less comfortable, especially on rough pavement. Also, they don’t provide as much grip as air-filled tires, which reduces traction on wet surfaces.

Converting Tire Types
If you have a Mankeel scooter with tubeless tires and want to use inner tubes, you can purchase inner tubes from our website and install them on your wheel. To do so, you’ll need to remove the tire from the rim, place the inner tube around the wheelbase, and reseat the tire on the rim. If you want to retrofit your pneumatic tires to solid tires, we recommend having an experienced mechanic install them, as they require the proper tools and heating methods to put them on your rims.

Tire Size

10" Inner Tube (Front Or Rear), 8.5" Inner Tube (Front Or Rear)


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