Mankeel Robotic Remote Control Lawn Mower


Mankeel robotic remote control lawn mower is used for the automatic lawn maintenance of estates with a lawn area of less than 1500 square meters.

This robotic lawn mower is equipped with the self-developed “single-point positioning GNSS module + inertial navigation” program; Using the spatiotemporal coherence of small-scale GNSS positioning, a specific path planning algorithm was used to realize the operation of the lawn mower along the parallel route to realize the doubling of the operation efficiency of 100㎡/h; Equipped with sensors such as collision to achieve the intelligent perception of the operating environment, with a certain degree of self-learning and self-adaptation of the environment.

1. Robotic lawn mower can be monitored and controlled by APP, which is available for IOS and Android.

2. The robotic lawn mower has a rain sensor, it will automatically return to the charging station when it rains, and continue to work after the rain stops.

3.The robotic lawn mower has safety protection system, when the robotic lawn mower is lifted off the ground, the safety sensor will immediately stop the blade rotation

4. with the navigation system, it will not miss a spot or mow several times, and can mow the lawn quickly and efficiently, twice as efficiently as a normal robotic lawn mower

5. The robotic lawn mower has automatic sensing and obstacle avoidance function and automatically avoids when it meets obstacles.

6. The robotic lawn mower uses a lithium battery, is emission-free, environment-friendly and energy-saving works with low noise and can work at night.

7. this robotic lawn mower is different from other lawn mowers. It uses satellite navigation to plan the path and is compatible with satellite signals. Beidou 2, Beidou 3, GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO.

Power and charging
Power pack
20V MAX/4.4Ah Li-Lon
Battery cell
Chinese sunpower 2022 mAH 3.7 VDC
Number of batteries
10 knots
Charging system
Full automatic
Charger rating
Input:100-240V 50/60Hz  output:22V 2.5A
Typical runtime
100 min
Typical charge time
120 min approx

Cutting system 
Blade type
3-pivoting blade rotary disc
Blade moter
1 brushless
Cutting height
20-55mm manual adjustable
Blade moter voltage
Blade moter power
90w for cutting motor
Blade moter speed

Drive system 
2 brushless
Motor voltage
Motor power
Motor speed
4000 rpm
Deceleration ratio
Drive wheels
6 all terrain tread
Max slope angel
17 degree

Blade stop
2 sec
Lift sensor
Tilt sensor
Collision sensor
Rain sensor

Control system type
Controlling the app
Sound power level

Green, Orange

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