MK083 Electric Scooter 8.5-inch Solid Tire


MK083 Tire: Solid tire specially designed for MK083 Electric Scooter, front or rear application. Outer diameter – 8.5 inches, inner diameter – 5.5 inches, width – 2 inches.
High Quality: Made of high-quality rubber material and wear-resistant. Tires will last for thousands of miles without needing any maintenance.
Special Design: The special hollowing design helps the scooter to have excellent shock absorber and buffering pressure performance. The anti-skid grooved surface offers an excellent grip that can be able to be used on snowy and rainy days, safe to play the scooter.
Great Performance: Puncture-proof, non-aerate, lightweight and durable, no need to pump. Superior flexibility and buffer capacity enable the tire to stay firm just like the traditional fully aerated tire.
Easy Installation: Easy to use and replace, hot water softening adjusted flexibly and fixed tightly. Professional installation is highly recommended.

This electric scooter tire is made of rubber material. Excellent anti-shock and buffering pressure performance due to the special hollowing design. Grooved surface provides an excellent grip, explosion-proof and resistant to pressure, resistant to abrasion Lightweight, and durable.

Honeycomb scooter tire with texture on the tire surface offers scooters have good grip and anti-skid ability. you can be used on snowy and rainy days offers maximum security for you.


Rubber solid wheel to replace front and rear wheels of scooter.
The solid tire has flexibility and buffer capacity, it tire can be stretched and will always return to its original shape,
so the tire could bear any pressure change, it would stay firm just like the traditional tire in fully aerated condition.
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