Ride Safety Points

1: Please do not drive in the standing water deeper than 2CM

2: It is forbidden for multiple people to ride an electric scooter at the same time or ride carry children

3: Do not press the accelerator pedal when the hold the electric scooter walking

4: Please avoid obstacles when riding

5: Please pay attention to the obstacles to avoid bumps

6: Please pay attention to control the electric scooter speed when going downhill, and when driving at high speed, please pay attention to the use of two brakes together

7: It is forbidden to ride a scooter up or down steps or jump obstacles

8: Running causes the wheel hub motor will cause high temperature, please do not touch

9: Do not ride the electric scooter outdoors in heavy fog or other severe weather such as storms and sandstorms

10: Please wear a helmet from beginning to end during riding, and if necessary, please wear knee pads and arm protectors as well


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