Some reasons why the display of electric scooters does not work

The display of an electric scooter is a functional addition to a conventional electric scooter and can help us confirm that the electric scooter is working properly. If the display of an electric scooter does not light up, we need to find out the reason.

The following are the reasons why electric scooter displays do not work.

Empty battery

As the battery provides the electrical energy for the entire electric scooter, you can look at the battery when our electric scooter display is not working. If the battery is low or empty, the display will not light up when the bike is switched on.

Loose connection

The most common case when the display of an electric scooter does not work is that the display loses power due to a loose connecting wire. Normally, the display has several wires that are connected to the circuit. Once one or more of these wires are disconnected or loose, the display will no longer work.

Broken Teeth / Pins

The connectors connect the display of the electric scooter to the battery and the control unit. If a single tooth of this connector breaks, the display will not work. In addition, a broken leg in the battery system prevents the current from reaching the computer. Therefore, the display can no longer function.

Controller failure

The controller is one of the most important components of your electric scooter. You can switch the bike on/off, accelerate or brake. If the controller is not working properly, the display flashes or does not function properly.

Switch failure

To switch on the electric scooter, there is a power button on the throttle. The display also has function buttons for switching on and off or for setting/resetting. If at least one of these buttons is damaged, the display cannot be switched on.

Defective screen

In rare cases, the problem is inside the display of the electric scooter. It could be a damaged IC or a damaged screen.

How to fix the electric scooter display?

Confirm the battery life level

If your electric scooter’s battery doesn’t have a battery charge indicator, use a voltmeter to determine the charge. If the charge is below 40%, charge the battery and try turning the light back on.

Restart the electric scooter

If the electric scooter’s screen does not respond, we can check not only whether the power supply is sufficient, but also whether the screen is interrupted by restarting the electric scooter. If the electric scooter’s screen is working properly after restarting, we can continue driving normally. If the screen still does not work properly after restarting, we must determine the cause by other means.


If you cannot fix the problem with the above tips, please contact a professional. The following tips can help you to fix the problem. Before doing so, however, you must have some necessary tools and materials ready. This is necessary to get the job done easily and perfectly.

The most important tools you need ……

Screwdriver: it is an important repair tool to open and reach various bicycle parts.

Soldering iron: It is needed to connect the wires to the connectors.

Cable connectors: Get some compatible cable connectors. You will need them if you find a damaged connector in your control unit.

If you cannot repair your electric scooter display, you can also find a local repair centre for help. This can be much easier and faster for you to restart your happy riding.

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  1. I was changing my throttle on my s2 pro and I forgot to disconnect t power I arced the wires together and it popped and shot sparks but no smoke came from anywhere on scooter but now power nor computer read out won’t come on how to fix it

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