Something you need to know about sea scooters

The past year has shown that open water continues to appeal to millions of people. As indoor recreational activities have been curtailed, water sports and sailing products have seen record sales as people of all ages take to the water to enjoy the unparalleled freedom and breathtaking discoveries that come with exploring the underwater world.

One product that is becoming increasingly popular is the so-called Sea Scooters or Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV). , as they are commonly called, are a type of diving equipment that allows you to move autonomously and smoothly in the underwater world. These lightweight, portable devices can open up entirely new underwater worlds.
This should be all you need to know about sea scooters before you buy one.

What are electric sea scooters and what should I look out for?

Good questions! The sea scooter is an automatic underwater exploration device. It contains a propulsion motor that allows you to move underwater with minimal effort. Simply grab a sea scooter with your hands and let the streamlined device pull you through the waves.

As with any other diving equipment, you should choose carefully. As explained in this guide, there are a number of key factors to consider when shopping. These include:


When choosing a sea scooter, the speed at which it can carry you through the water is not particularly important. However, if you have a small child who might use the scooter, it might be worth choosing one with a lower top speed to ensure safety.


The size of the sea scooter is an important factor. A smaller and lighter sea scooter will allow for easier underwater mobility and be easier for you to transport. Larger sea scooters, however, usually have more powerful motors and can provide the kind of more advanced functionality you are looking for.


When snorkeling with a sea scooter, power is arguably the single most important consideration. The longer the battery life, the longer you will be able to use your sea scooter without having to leave the ocean to recharge (which can take 2 -4 hours). Sea scooters typically range from 40 to 90 minutes of battery life, so make sure to check the capacity before you buy.


Different models can reach different underwater depths. More expensive and sophisticated models can take you further down, with maximum depths typically ranging from 100 to 130 feet. If you’re an experienced and serious underwater explorer, you’ll prefer scooters with a higher depth rating.

Camera mounts

Sea scooters are becoming increasingly popular with photographers and artists who want to document their underwater travel adventures. Many models allow you to easily attach a waterproof camera to the front that can capture every inch of the underwater world you explore. Look for scooters with a sturdy camera mount.

Choosing the right sea scooter will help you live a well-traveled life in 2022. And we’re pretty sure the underwater world is a covid-free environment.

Have fun!

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