The best electric sea scooters that you can consider purchasing

What exactly is electric sea scooters?

These are mainly buoyant boards with batterie and motor. With these motors, you can move even in stagnant waters. With their help, you can immerse your body in the water and enjoy the gentle touch of nature in the summer.

Below you will get to know 10 different suppliers of electric surfboards with different features at very different prices.

1.HGLTECH Searover electric sea scoter

With 15.5kg lightweight and 3-speed levels from 7.2 km/h to 21.6 km/h, Searover Electric Bodyboard can balance weight and speed perfectly. Compared to Seabob’s 30KG, it is only half the weight yet it can achieve the same speed that Seabob does. Searover is more cost-effective as it only costs $2999, which is 4X less than Seabob. Searover is probably the most competitive sea scooter on the market due to its price and performance. If you want to experience some waves in the water, Searover is definitely the best choice, especially if you have a limited budget.

For more details, please read the Searover Unboxing Test:

2.Hoverstar Orca H9 lifesaving watercraft

This life-saving watercraft Orca H9 is designed for rescue. It weighs 36kg and is said to have a speed of 18km/h with 90min runtime. The price has not been announced yet. A similar model, the Ark H3, is priced at $7999, so the Orca H9 will likely be available at a similar price. It is equipped with GPS remote tracking technology, this machine is more for rescue purposes and not for entertainment.

3.FZBlue electric sea scooter

This sea scooter has five-speed control, but its top speed is only 1.4m/s (60kg loaded), which is 5km/h. It weighs only 13kg, which makes it easy for users to carry. The low speed limits its use, but the battery lasts up to 120 minutes. The scooter has an A-shaped appearance and can be easily operated with hands. This board retails for $599. Even though there is a 2m/s rescue version, it is not competitive enough to beat other brands for both consumer and rescue purposes.

4.Yitong electric sea scooter

This F2 electric sea scooter was very popular on Alibaba earlier. It comes with 4 gears at 8KG and declares a maximum speed of 15km/h. However, there is only one motor equipped with this board, so we doubt whether it can actually reach its maximum speed. It is on sale at $449 on Alibaba now. This toy can bring you some fun, but its performance needs more testing to be proven.

5.Mankeel W7 sea scooter

You can dive in the water with this underwater scooter, and its diving speed is 0.8m/s. This scooter looks identical to the Sublue ones and W7 underwater sea scooter sells it at $499. 4 colors, Yellow/White/Pink/Black is available and they can speed up to 1.8m/s. It is less than 5kg, so you can carry it easily when you travel. It is suitable for people of all ages and is being applied in various fields.

6.UFLIGHT Scooter

This sea scooter is manufactured by China Shipbuilding Corporation and British IIT Underwater Technology Company. It has multiple functions such as detection, communication, photography and positioning. It weighs only 7 kg and can accelerate up to 2.5 m/s. Now it is offered on the JD platform for around $5900. This is too expensive considering that the speed is limited.

7.Kymear electric kickboard

The Kymera kickboard is the world’s first jet-powered electric kickboard. It is capable of propelling a rider across the water at 30 mph and is now priced at $3895.The Kymera is the easiest of our jet boards to ride – as long as you are tall enough to reach the release (about 150 cm tall).

Steering is just a matter of using your legs as oars and shifting your body weight to make some amazing turns! It’s difficult to fall off, which makes it ideal for riders who don’t feel confident on stand-up boards or in the water in general.

All Kymera packages include everything you need to get up and running quickly – battery in the hard case, charger, maintenance kit and lots of fun!

8.Asap wave jam electric jet board

The Wave Jam is designed for an exhilarating ride on the water that requires relatively little balance or skill. This electric souped-up kickboard has a top speed of 10 mph and an operating time of nearly an hour. Three-speed settings let you set the pace, and to steer, simply lean in the direction you want to go. It’s lightweight – just 24 kg – and compact, making it perfect for any superyacht toy box. This toy is made in the UK and for sale for $7273, so it’s not competitive in price and speed.

9.Seabob sea sccoter

The Seabob is equipped with a 1.8-kW/h 48-volt battery (apparently from California-based electric car maker Tesla) that takes eight hours to fully charge – meaning 60 minutes of non-stop operation – while an optional fast charger takes just 90 minutes.

The Seabob is 1152 mm long, 507 mm wide and 372 mm high. Out of the water it weighs 35 kg, inside the water 10 kg. The Seabob is not particularly fast, reaching a top speed of 20 km/h above water and 14 km/h below. However, those speeds would feel pretty fast if you were riding it face-down on a skateboard.

With a price tag of over $10000, it’s something like the Porsche and the Ferrari of electric surfboards. Still, you can have a lot of fun with the Seabob, even if the price isn’t affordable for everyone.

10.Sublue Swii Electric Kickboard

The Swii electric kickboard features built-in dual propellers and a self-designed dual propeller system that can deliver 5kg of thrust. The removable and rechargeable lithium battery provides safety, portability and ultra-long range.2 speeds up to 3’ps,

It also has fancy LED lights for attraction and battery indicators. Super easy control by pressing the only two buttons it has. Now it is on sale at $399 yet this toy is only for kids due to its low power.


This is our list of electric bodyboards that are on the market today. All the above facts show that Mankeel W7 is your best choice considering the price and performance of the electric boards out there. This board is made by HGLTECH and it has speed and competitive price. HGLTECH would like to make electric bodyboard more affordable and hope our innovation will enrich your life too.

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