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Our company name: Shenzhen Manke Technology Co., Ltd.

Since our company’s establishment in Shenzhen in 2013, We mainly focus on the R&D and production of electric scooters and bikes. Our products are sold to more than 80 countries and regions all over the world. And it shows a rapid growth trend year by year.

Our brand: Mankeel

Based on the rich experience in the production and development of electric scooters in the past years, we have opened a brand new development and production direction focusing on high-quality, high-performance consumer and sharing electric scooters. Since then, Mankeel has also become our new electric scooter brand. Combining the deep foundation of the past, but also looking forward to a broader future.


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Shenzhen Manke Technology is a high-tech enterprise located in Shenzhen, the city of innovation. We focus on becoming the most professional manufacturer of electric scooters and bikes for adults since 2013. After years of development, we have mastered our core technology and high-level standards in the industry.

Mankeel is brand-new independent research and development electric scooter series product under the company, opening a new stage of brand product development with high quality and high performance as our direction. The company has always been adhering to the corporate values of integrity, innovation, quality, and embracing change to provide the best service for our partners and customers.

Our first new “Mankeel” brand electric scooter the appearance was designed by the European  team, and the second electric scooter was designed and produced strictly according to German safety standards. we pay attention to the beautiful appearance of the product and the convenience of use, Meanwhile, the safety of the product has always been the top priority of 

our R&D work. and implement the concept of safe riding in our product design and production. Several other different models are also being developed and launched, More newer products are currently in development. we focus on every detail, aiming to create a greener and smoother transportation tool for you.

Welcome to join the Mankeel electric scooter riding group to have more convenience and joy in your low-carbon travel way!

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Your greener & easier journey begins here

Our Vision

Become a world-renowned company

Our Mission

Dream for the future, customer first

Our Values

Integrity, innovation, quality, embrace change

Brand Story of Mankeel

When the traffic pressure is getting heavier, and the concept of environmental protection and practical actions are becoming more and more prominent and urgent nowadays, what can we do as independent individuals? What are the ways we can do it?

When the world’s first electric scooter was invented in 1916, people may not have thought that it will be an increasingly important role in personal travel more than 100 years later, and in the past few years of the epidemic outbreak, it has played another unique role. It is more effective to protect people by riding an electric scooter to avoid crowded public transportation and distance from the public. Mankeel is proud to be the inheritor and innovator of such a bright industry, and to propose better solutions for people’s travel.

Our brand name—Mankeel is derived from the transliteration of the Chinese company name Manke, and Manke is derived from the core business philosophy and the direction of our corporate mission—that is, “Dream the future, customers first”.

Taking customers’ needs as the first consideration in our research and development products work, customers’ needs represent the needs of the market and the needs of our entire short-distance travel industry of a greener trend. Therefore, we also look to the further future to lead the innovation and transformation of intelligent short-distance transportation products, always provide consumers with innovative and high-quality products, make people’s lives more convenient, undertake this hope, to contribute our strength to the transportation environment protection to be more friendly and environmentally friendly.

May your travel become more comfortable and convenient because of the Mankeel, to enjoy your greener & easier journey with Mankeel.

Mankeel Products&Quality Certification

Mankeel International Warehouse

To serve our partners and consumer better and timely, we have set up 4 independent overseas warehouses and corresponding after-sales maintenance stations in the USA, UK, Germany, and Poland. At the same time, we are planning to have more overseas warehouses in other countries and regions. For we can provide our partners with efficient and thoughtful after-sales maintenance services. And drop shipping services are available if you have demands for that. every supporting facility that can provide you with timely service is our mission.