Mankeel W7 Electric Underwater Scooter


Power: 240W*2
Voltage: 22.2 V
Buoyancy: 0.2Kg
Duration:30~60 min
Duration:30~60 min
Weight: 4.7kg/10 lbs
Compatibility: GoPro
Thrust: 12 kgf/26.4 lbf
Battery Weight: 1.4Kg
Battery Size:6000 mAh
Maximum Depth:50m/164 ft
Working temperature:-5~50℃
Speed:0.8m/sor1.8m/s/1.6MPH or 3.6MPH
Battery Capacity: 133.2 Wh(Detachable Lithium battery)

                      30-60 minutes                  0.8M-1.8M/S                       Thrust                          50M/164ft                        diving depth                   Compatible with
                       usage time per                                                           12kgf/26.4Ibf                deepest                               weight                       sports cameras
                          full charge                                                                                                    diving depth 

To bring people more pleasant and fun play experience,
 is always our new product R&D direction.
So we design and produced the Mankeel new underwater scooter W7,
with new integrated design of compact body, and easy to use&carry,
diving up to 50m to see a different underwater world. light and beautiful
appearance, cruise through in the water smoothly even you are not a good swimmer.

Available in multiple colors

Wonderful in every moment

One-piece full waterproof design

The whole machine is blow-molded in one piece,
with a waterproof rating of up to IP68, a waterproof
silicone edge device, and a power button to
effectively prevent water from entering the body,
protect the internal components, and make it more
buoyant and safer.

Compact and lightweight, easy to handle, smooth
surface, consistent with the water surface, low
the friction that can move forward smoothly in the water.

Strong power, excellent battery performance

Long battery life, let you fully enjoy the fun of
exploring the underwater world. Mankeel W7 electirc sea scooter’s powerful
charge battery life during diving is up to 60 minutes,
and the battery design is also very convenient to
replace new batteries or re-charge.

Humanized design

This electric underwater sea scooter adds a child safety lock and an adjustable lower
speed design, multiple safety guarantees, to protect your family.

Multiple play methods, multiple fun

A sports camera can be installed in the front to
capture every wonderful and interesting scene
when you are swimming in the water

A variety of gameplay, a variety of scenes, enjoy the diverse underwater scenery


Black, Yellow

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